Privacy Policy

Information we collect and how we use it:

Policy updated January 2023


When you visit the Take N Go Mattress Company's website, our hosted servers collect the basic technical
information necessary to maintain the connection with and functionality
of your browser, ensure the proper operation of our site, and recognize
abuses such as attempts to overwhelm our servers (DDOS attacks), etc.;

the IP address you’re using to access our site,

which browser and operating system you’re using to view our site,

the pages you view while accessing our site, and

the timestamps of your visit.

We generally do not access or
view any such information. Our server hosts do not use such information
to attempt to identify who is using our site (other than in cases of
abuse), track you or your use of our site over time, or analyze how you
use our site. We do use basic analytics such as Google analytics, Google
tag manager, and WordPress analytics to see how our site is being used,
but we do not use analytics to identify who is using our site. There is
no third-party advertising on our site and thus no advertiser links or
third-party tracking attempts.


Contacting us:  For
obvious administrative purposes, we keep copies of your communications
with us via the “contact us” page, and we use it to correspond with you
about the topics regarding which you contacted us. If you do not enter
into a business relationship with us we will be happy to delete such
communications if you so request. We will not release to any third party
the contents of your communications with us or information about your
organization that you provide, except to the extent we are required to
do so as a result of legal process, or to the extent you or your
organization permit us to do so. You may opt out of communications at
any time by sending us a written request to that effect. For proper
recordkeeping purposes, we reserve the right to maintain archival
(inactive) copies of all communications. In the unlikely event of a data
breach, we will comply with all applicable data breach laws regarding
notification, remediation, etc.


Pursuant to Cal. Civ. Code
§1798.140(d)(1)(A) we are exempt from the California Consumer Privacy
Act. Nonetheless, we will be happy to delete your or your organization’s
information from our files to the extent you do not enter into a
business relationship with us.


We do not intentionally target
people in the EU and thus we are exempt from the GDPR. See EDPB,
“Guidelines 05/2021 on the Interplay between the application of Article 3
and the provisions on international transfers as per Chapter V of the
GDPR” (Nov. 18, 2021).  GDPR Article 14, Paragraphs 5(a) and (b), and
Article 27, Paragraph 2 also apply. In any event, we do not collect any
personal data as defined in Art. 4 of the GDPR, except that which you
voluntarily provide us, which of course is data collected “with consent”
pursuant to GDPR Article 7. We do not pass such information on to any
third parties or share it with anyone; we use it only to communicate
with you as set forth above. If the GDPR did apply, we are neither a
“controller” nor a “processor” because we collect all data about you
directly from you.